Our partners are essential stakeholders and directly responsible for our non-profit’s success.

We firmly believe that responsible enjoyment of the great outdoors is a way to build stronger, more connected communities and boost our economy. This is one of our founding beliefs, and we have formed relationships with organizations and businesses sharing this same belief. Whether you’re a federal agency, a big time bicycle manufacturer or small mom-and-pop local businesses, you’re all making a difference. And we thank you.

Downieville could perhaps be described as Santa Cruz Bicycles’ spiritual home. Or perhaps just the place they go to get more spiritual.
– Nsmb.com, Vancouver BC, September 2015

Friends Working Together Building Trails

Land Managers

Most of the work we do takes place on either US Forest Service, land trust property – such as The Sierra County Land Trust or State Park lands. As such, we work in partnership with land management agencies through planning and their oversight in a mutually beneficial relationship. Without the permission and guidance of these agencies, we wouldn’t be allowed to do our work. And without our work, the trails within these systems would be in considerably worse shape. An often-overlooked issue with large acreages of land is that the management and maintenance of such vast areas can be difficult. The US Forest Service and State Parks are chronically understaffed and underfunded. This is why Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship was formed in the first place – to partner with land managers to create recreational solutions and mitigate use impact through ongoing maintenance in order for trails to remain open to the public for generations to come.

Gold Valley Connector Trail Being Built with USFS Crews and SBTS Volunteers


Business partners underwrite a substantial amount of the work we do, and in many cases also contribute generous amounts of product to our fundraising efforts. This enables us to fund our operations, hold our events, reward our family members, stoke out our volunteers, feed our work crews, and put together incredibly effective and appealing fundraisers. Additionally, the employees of many of our corporate partners encourage their employees to volunteer at our Trail Daze and race events. Improved trails draw more recreational visitors to the Lost Sierra which in turn supports our local business economy and gets more people buying outdoor gear. As a side benefit, businesses improve their reputation by aligning themselves with a non-profit cause.

Yuba Expeditions Van – Yakima Sponsorship

Event Sponsors

One of the best ways to up the visibility for your support of the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship is to sponsor one of our events – the Lost and Found, Downieville Classic and Grinduro. More than just races, these are weekend long festivals that pull attendees and spectators from all over the world. By sponsoring an event, you help create amazing trails, employ Plumas and Sierra County residents, provide learning environments for local schools, and work to establishing a more sustainable recreation-based economy. Learn more about event sponsorships and the unique race events that we host.

Downieville Classic Festival Event Sponsorship

Become a Sponsor or Partner

Support our legacy project, Connected Communities, through the The Lost Sierra Route.

Contact Marty Scheel at marty@sierratrails.org if you are interested in becoming an SBTS partner.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Trail Daze event or partnering on a current trail project, contact Marty Scheel at marty@sierratrails.org.

For Adopt-a-Trail opportunities, check out the Adopt-a-Trail info.

These businesses and organizations have pledged their philanthropic support to SBTS and Lost Sierra trails!

1% for the PlanetWe encourage you to pay it back and buy from these fine people or support their organizations. If you want to support our non-profit or one of our race events, contact Marty Scheel at marty@sierratrails.org.

Santa Cruz Bicycles
Sierra Nevada Brewing
Trail Trust A Fox Factory Initiative
Dolan Auto Group
Breakaway Promotions
Truckee Tahoe Lumber Company
Radius Outfitters
Motorcycle Performance Center Roseville California USA
Klean Kanteen
QTAC logo
Spanish Peak Productions
The Farm AV
Feather River College
Camp Chef
Nevada County Woods Riders
The Brewing Lair
Dunn Vineyards
White Industries
Bureau of Land Management
Plumas National Forest
Tahoe National Forest
Lassen National Forest
City of Portola
Sierra County
Truckee Chamber of Commerce

Partner of the Year

We give special recognition annually to those businesses who have dedicated their funding and staff time directly to our non-profit. Some of these businesses have paid their employees their regular daily wages to work moving dirt on Lost Sierra trails. Patagonia even has a summer intern program offering their employees for several weeks to help us with everything from dirt moving to administrative duties to event support.

2021 – Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

2020 – Shimano North America Bicycle

2019 – Wilderness Trail Bikes

2018 – Klean Kanteen

2017 – Nakoma Resort

2016 – Paul Component Engineering

2015 – Hangtown Electric

2014 – Santa Cruz Bicycles and The Brewing Lair

2013 – Patagonia