The Adopt-A-Trail Program provides a way for businesses and individuals to take a leadership role in trail maintenance.

Our Adopt-A-Trail Program highlights your commitment to our non-profit, trail preservation and the great outdoors. Your philanthropic contribution to Lost Sierra trails will instill pride for you, your company, and your employees. And it is a great way to promote your business while demonstrating that you care for trails that current and future generations will enjoy.

Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship (SBTS) staff works with the adopting individual or organization to provide necessary trail supervision, tools and training. We will host a trail workday and party for your employees, fellow staff members and/or friends. Trail work is a rewarding team building experience!

If you or your organization or company are interested in adopting a trail, take a look at the Adopt-a-Trail Programs Menu  and contact Frank Gulla at

Adoption Guidelines

Adopt-A-Trail | $2,500

You will receive a trailhead sign on your adopted trail listing you as the trail sponsor. These are official, high quality US Forest Service signs. This is a yearly renewable program, and we ask that you consider
a multi-year contribution. These funds are used for spring log out, brushing and immediate drainage work that everyone notices and appreciates.

Trail Adoption Benefits

  • Preservation of historic trails and in some cases, construction of new trails
  • Company volunteer trail day with friends, family and co-workers. Food, beverages, tools and party provided by SBTS
  • Trailhead signage listing your name or your organization’s name
  • Listing on the Yuba Expeditions shop Adopt-A-Trail sign
  • Website listing
  • Company association with the trail system
  • Thousands of smiling and appreciative trail users
  • Adoption funds are 100% tax-deductible (SBTS Tax ID # 72-1579038)


Non-Monetary Adoption | Open

Ways to participate in a trail adoption program without cash contributions include donations of:

  • Products for donation drawings
  • Volunteer hours as contribution
  • Vacation rentals and lodging facilities to house volunteers
  • Tools for trail work and implementing the $1 for Trails Program

Thanks SBTS!! You do great things for us to enjoy. Saw your work on the trail to Long Lake. Yeah!
– Valerie Flanigan via Facebook, August 2016


Adopted Trails


Adopt-a-Trail Crew

Trail Crew Adoption allows you to invest directly in local Lost Sierra employment and trail building. Our Pro Trail Crew works all season to build new trails and maintain our 800+ miles of trail. Our paid Youth High School Crew works several weeks during the summer creating employment for local youths – along with teaching them stewardship and life skills while offering a backcountry experience.

Pro Trail Crew

  • $7000/wk for 5 member crew (with moto transport)

Youth High School Day Trail Crew

  • $6000/wk for 8 person crew (6 members, 2 crew leaders)

Youth High School Camping Trail Crew

  • $8000/wk for 10 person crew (8 members, 2 crew leaders)


Trail Crew Adoption Benefits

  • Directly funding trail building efforts
  • Promotion of the ‘Adopted Trail Crew’ partnership on all SBTS marketing channels
  • Company logo and 5.5” x 5” advertisement in Sierra Trails Magazine (circulation 30,000+)
  • Company logo displayed on landing page of website
  • Complimentary trailhead shuttles and beverages for your staff (call to set up in advance)


If you or your organization or company are interested in adopting a trail crew, take a look at the Adopt-a-Trail Programs Menu  and contact Frank Gulla at


Adopt-a-Trail Volunteer Event

Adopting a Mountain Epic or Trail Daze event directly funds the food, beverages and good times we provide to our volunteers during trail work. As a nonprofit, our volunteers are the foundation of our organization and allow us to apply for grant fund matches to accomplish significant trail maintenance and building each season.

Mountain Epic Weekend – $2000
Epics include a weekend campout at one of our favorite camp- grounds, meals and tasty beverages throughout the event. Bike/ moto rides and hikes, prize drawings, Epic games and of course, a day of trail work, are all part of the experience. We host two Mountain Epics per year: one in Quincy and one in Downieville. Mountain Epics are free to all SBTS members as our way of saying thanks for their support. We average approximately 50-70 members at these events.

Trail Daze (One day) – $1000
SBTS hosts monthly Trail Daze volunteer workdays to ensure our Lost Sierra trails are holding-up and in tip-top condition. These trails see over 200,000 visitors per year and maintain a level ‘A’ standing thanks to our volunteers. It’s through these volunteer workdays that we’ve produced over 72,000 labor hours toward our trails. Our SBTS Pro Trail Crew works directly with our volunteers, teaching them trail maintenance skills and making sure everyone has fun.

Volunteer Event Adoption Benefits

  • Brand directly associated with multi-use trail building efforts
  • Onsite booth opportunity at central meeting area
  • Banner or branding at basecamp
  • Company logo + 2.625” x 5” advertisement in Sierra Trails Magazine

If you or your organization or company are interested in adopting a trail event, take a look at the Adopt-a-Trail Programs Menu  and contact Frank Gulla at

Add to this that the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship have added new sections of trail in the high country and replaced or retreaded the trail in others and it’s a recipe for some big grins.
–, Vancouver BC, September 2015

In the following regions:

  • Downieville Trail System
  • Lakes Basin Trail System
  • Mt. Hough Trail System
  • Portola Trail System
  • Bucks Lake Trail System

If you are interested in adopting a trail, check out ourAdopt-a-Trail Programs Menu  and contact Frank Gulla at