Linking 15 California Mountain Communities Through Trails

Join us in helping build the “Lost Sierra Route” that traverses over breathtaking topography, jagged peaks and high alpine meadows similar to the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and the John Muir Trail (JMT). But unlike the PCT and JMT, this new trans-Sierra Nevada and Cascade Range route allows for all dirt trail travelers including hikers, mountain bikers, moto riders, equestrians, trail runners, hunters, fishermen, wildlife, grandmothers and babies in backpacks. The Lost Sierra Route will be a trail for all to use that will link mountain communities together for recreational adventure and economic sustainability.

Connected Communities Trails Master Plan Map
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THE LOST SIERRA ROUTE Solving economic isolation and revitalizing the Lost Sierra with a unique, community connecting trail for everyone.
THE LOST SIERRA Is a region of Northern California that has suffered through several boom and bust extraction economies.
Today, the region is going through a trail renaissance.
Imagine a place where the trail seems endless
The Lost Sierra Route Approximately 300 miles of multi-use trail will connect 14 town centers.
They truly hit another mother lode.
A labor of love led by 17 years of experience.
This project must get back in motion. (We need the jobs it will create.)
When times get tough, we dig in. Will you help us?
We need your help to build this trail system.
Please be a part of this story.
Your support will: Build a trail system. Create jobs. Sustain a region.
Contact Greg Williams 530 613 2847

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We Need Your Help

Connected Communities is our legacy project, and we would like to speak with you about partnership opportunities and support for this project.  You, your business or organization can be part of a group of national and international companies, government agencies and land conservancies who have all pledged their support. Through grant funding provided by Sierra Nevada Conservancy, SBTS has begun Phase 1 of this decade-plus long legacy project.

There are many ways to help and different options to fit your business or organization’s needs. It is a great way to invest in mountain communities in need, while doing something truly unique, inspiring and everlasting for generations to enjoy. 

In 2019, SBTS created over 1 million social media impressions, was featured in a Patagonia documentary, Dirt Magic with over 800,000 YouTube views, and we received over 30,000 visitors through our outfitter and event businesses. Your brand can be a featured partner in creating the Lost Sierra Route, giving you exposure to a massive audience of outdoor enthusiasts through the entire creation and build of this legacy trail.

We also create opportunities for your employees to get out on the trails and be directly involved in building the trail, working safely side-by-side with our Pro Trail Crew. Many of our partners find getting their employees involved out on the trail directly creates pride in their company and the satisfaction of creating something special with their hands.

The Lost Sierra Route is an amazing undertaking, and we hope it strikes your interest. For more information on how to support The Lost Sierra Route & Connected Communities, please contact: Greg Williams at

Ways You Can Help

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  • Direct us to funding sources
  • Introduce us to funding sources

The Lost Sierra Route is an amazing undertaking, and we hope it strikes your interest. For more information on how to support The Lost Sierra Route & Connected Communities, please contact: Greg Williams at

Connected Communities Partners

To date, project funding has been provided by Sierra Nevada Conservancy, California Off-Highway Vehicle Division grants, California State Parks & Recreation grants, California State proposition funds, National Forest Foundation grants, Secure Rural Schools, Outdoor Industry partners, Adopt a Trail sponsors and SBTS matching funds.

Economic Benefits

Recreation on public lands currently represents the greatest economic and cultural opportunity for our rural communities. In the United States, Outdoor Recreation is an $887 billion industry with Trail Sports accounting for $201 billion. Trails on public lands are proven to create local employment, attract visitors and new businesses, and improve the health and economy of mountain communities.

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About Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship (SBTS)

SBTS is a Quincy, California-based 501c3 focused on building what the organization calls #dirtmagic – multiple-use motorized and non-motorized trails for public use – in the Lost Sierra region of the Northern Sierra Nevada range.

Since its founding in 2003, SBTS has built over 100 miles of new trail and maintained 1,200 miles of existing trail while employing a full-time Professional Trail Crew and contributing over 90,000 hours of volunteer labor.

Trail Crew building trail

Mt. Hough Trail to Quincy
The Mt. Hough Trail, built by Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship, in partnership with Plumas National Forest, navigates to the town of Quincy in the valley below