Notice of Downieville and Qunicy Trail Grant Application

The Sierra Buttes Trail Stewarship is applying for two California OHV grants for Downieville and Quincy:
  • Maintenance on 56 miles of the Downieville Trail System
  • Plumas County is applying for 67 miles on the Plumas National Forest (including Nelson Creek)
  • The public can read proposal and comment here.

Plumas County Ground Opps

  • Trail maintenance on Mt Hough, Claremont, Snake Lake (59 miles) and an additional 7 miles of Nelson Creek (new)

Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship Ground Opps

New Work

  • Chimney Rock Trail – Tread repair as needed, brushing and maintenance on paver sections to keep them planted
  • Downie River Tr – general maintenance; log out, large debris removal, brushing, tread armoring and drain installation as needed.
  • Empire Creek Trail – Construction of new drain dips and enhancement of existing drains / short grade reversals to better accommodate wheeled traffic and widening/ hardening of switchbacks.
  • Fiddle Creek Ridge Tr. G17 –  Brushing, widen switchbacks and install some drainage structures.
  • Halls Ranch – Need to widen about 10 switchbacks, cut brush and install modern drainage structures where needed
  • Lavezzola Creek Trail – fix rutting through upper 1 mile of singletrack, create traction on paver section through year round spring, rip out old broken bridge and armor approaches to crossing
  • Sunshine Trail – Overall clean up, lots of large debris to clear away from tread, brushing, tread repair as needed, tread armoring as needed and drain construction as neededExtensive tread repair, armoring Maintenance on 2nd, 3rd, Butcher, Pauley.
  • General logout and maintenance of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Butcher, Pauley