Life on the Trail – February 2016

February brought warmer temperatures, many sunny days, and a lot of progress on some local trails!

For the last few weeks, the trail crew has been hard at work on the Mt. Hough OHV trail system. Winter storms can make Mt. Hough muddy really quick so for the first two weeks, between a few small storms, we burned a lot of gas in the saws cutting corridor for new trails. First, we cut out a half-mile section of quad trail located low on the hill near the four corners moto track. We then jumped up to about 5500’ where we started cutting the corridor for the Indian Falls Ridge 2 Trail.

Last week we put the tractor back on the hill and started digging on the SPI Fireline quad trail. This section is located in a popular area and will provide a nice connection to other trails as well as something easy for beginners to ride. The snow is melting fast and the trails are riding nice.  Come help us build trails or just get out and enjoy this great area!

We are currently looking for volunteers to help us with some finish work on these trails. If you are interested please email