Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship

Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship (SBTS) is pleased to announce the release of the 2022 to 2027 SBTS Strategic Plan. The SBTS five-year Goals and Objectives are a concise presentation of what SBTS wants to accomplish in the coming years.

SBTS’s 5 year Strategic Plan was developed by SBTS Staff, Leadership, and the Board of Directors based on feedback from the SBTS team and other organizational stakeholders and advisors.

Through the process, we updated our Mission Statement and defined four priority goals that will align organizational energy and resources while strengthening operations. Our new mission statement is below along with the four goals and objectives for each goal.

Mission Statement:

“Revitalizing mountain communities using trails as the tool.”

Goal 1:  Execute the Connected Communities Project and the creation of the 600+ mile Lost Sierra Route (LSR)


  1. Link 15 communities with world class recreation trails
  2. Develop and maintain recreation zone trails around our communities
  3. Build with sustainable trail designs & construction  
Connected Communites Map

Goal 2:  Promote love for our public forests with outdoor recreation opportunities


  1. Foster enjoyable volunteer engagement
  2. Create youth employment and learning opportunities
  3. Utilize Yuba Expeditions to showcase the full SBTS trail system
  4. Increase visitor and resident pride for Lost Sierra communities and trails 
  5. Educate trail users on watershed, fire, ecological and historical impacts
Mountain Mule special trails

Goal 3:   Support our people as a great place to work and volunteer


  1. Create an organizational structure to include staff, Board and committees that supports and sustains our growth
  2. Be a magnetic employer
  3. Invest in employee retention, including competitive wages and employee benefits
Large group of people and trail tools

Goal 4:  Ensure long term fiscal sustainability and mindful growth.


  1. Develop a robust Vision Circle of private fundraising for philanthropic, ongoing support
  2. Maximize successful trails funding from all types of public granting sources
  3. Increase community support through the Partner Collective with businesses & outdoors organizations
  4. Produce world class SBTS festivals as major fundraising and trails showcasing events
  5. Ensure financial management and public reporting transparency, including credit and assets management
Quincy from the mountains