Downieville Trail Daze – March 24

Project Overview

Come help Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship dig on North Yuba, 1st Divide, 2nd Divide, and 3rd Divide!

Anyone can help out and no experience is required.

Meeting Location

Yuba Expeditions in Downieville

Project Schedule

8:30 AM
Breakfast, Meet and Greet.
Sign in volunteers
Make breakfast and lunch

8:55 AM
Introduction (5 mins)
Safety Talk (10 mins)
Split into crews
Meet with Crew Leader and discuss travel plan to site (10 mins)

9:00 AM
Depart for Trail Work Sites
(We have an 11am start time for people who travel long distance and arrive later. 1 staff member will be at the meeting spot to assist)

Work time: dependant on travel time to project site
Crew Leaders introduce type of work, reasoning behind it, and proper tool techniques

1:00 PM
Tools down, return to Yuba Expeditions