Supporting the trails through collaboration with State and Federal agencies, community-minded corporations and independent local businesses.

Partner Types

Partner Types

Most of the work we do takes place on either US Forest Service or State Park lands. As such, we work in cooperation with the relevant land management agencies, with their permission, planning, and their oversight, in a mutually beneficial strategic relationship. Without the permission and guidance of these agencies, we wouldn’t be allowed to do our work. Without our work, the trails within these systems would be in considerably worse shape.

The western half of the U.S. is blessed with an abundance of public land. This means that the public can usually find a way to have some fun in the great outdoors. Yet, an often-overlooked issue with such a massive acreage of land is that the management and maintenance of such vast areas can be difficult. The US Forest Service and State Parks are chronically understaffed and underfunded during the best of economic times and more so in times of recession.This is why SBTS formed in the first place – to help mitigate the impact of recreation on the trails in order for them to remain accessible to the public for generations to come.

Partner with us 

Corporate partners underwrite a substantial amount of the work we do, and in many cases also contribute generous amounts of product to our fundraising efforts. This enables us to fund our operations, reward our members, stoke out our volunteers, feed our work crews, and put together incredibly effective and appealing fundraisers. Additionally, the employees of many of our local corporate partners encourage their employees to volunteer at our trail days.

Our trail work efforts are aimed at all trail use groups. We actively and openly encourage multi-use recreation and firmly believe that responsible enjoyment of the great outdoors is a way to build stronger, more connected communities. This is one of our founding beliefs, and has been a part of the SBTS ethos since Day One. Along the way, we have formed relationships with many companies sharing this same belief. These companies “get” us, and understand why we are committed to this path. In turn, when choosing to work with us, our corporate partners enable us to broaden and enlarge our goals.

Become a Corporate Sponsor

Local businesses have been an invaluable partner for us since day one. They benefit directly from our efforts as the trails we build improve the communities they reside in. It's a win win situation. They gain exposure to a new audience through our events and digital presence while we gain support to build trails and create jobs. The improved trails draw more visitors to the area which in turn, continue to support the local economies in Downieville, Graeagle and Quincy. As a side benefit, local businesses improve their business reputation by aligning themselves with a philanthropic cause that supports the community.

Types of local businesses we partner with include lodges, restaurants, breweries, newspapers, grocery stores and other small shops. Each finds what it's uniquely suited to contribute. Donations include financial sponshorship of events or in-kind contributions of goods and services. 

Donations help feed our volunteers, serve as prizes at races, or swag for our fund raising raffles. 

Become a Local Business Partner